Tehri Dam

With its proximity to New Delhi (300 Km) and Dehradun (110 km) . It is accessible to both Indian and International tourists, who can reach easily. New Tehri itself is a modern town now spread over an altitude from 1,550 mts. To 1,950 mts above sea level, overlooking the gigantic lake and the Tehri Dam. In fact the USP of New Tehri is this lake and dam.

Tourists come to New Tehri to see the Tehri Dam which is one of the World largest hydroelectric projects harnessing waters of two important rivers of the Himalayas namely Bhagirathi and Bhilangana. And the Tehri lake provides a hundred opportunities to the adventure lovers who love to throw caution to the winds. Be it Scuba Diving, Angling, Canoeing, Rowing, Boating, Water scooter, speed Boating, Rafting, Kayaking, House Boat, Cruise boating. Or any other water sports that you can think. Government is planning to have them all at Tehri Lake.